SOSINA Exploration Ltd.

SOSINA aims to identify po­ten­tial oil and gas ac­cu­mu­la­tions in co-ope­ra­tion with part­ners with­in the oil/gas indu­stry.

SOSINA at­tempts to use high-tech met­hods in seis­mic reser­voir cha­ra­cte­ri­za­tion to re­du­ce un­cer­ta­in­ty in ex­plo­ra­tion and ap­prai­sal.

This re­duc­tion un­locks new plays and al­lows the de­ve­lop­ment of pre­vi­ously mar­gin­al dis­cove­ries.



14 July 2016

The Newgrange prospect comprises a prospective resource potential of c. 13.6 TSCF GIIP or c. 9.2 BBO STOIIP.

A top seal capacity analysis indicates potential for a hydrocarbon column of up to 350 metres.

........



29 June 2016

SOSINA and its partner Providence Resources (operator) are offered a License Option (LO) that lies adjacent to the Dunquin North residual oil accumulation.

The LO contains the Paleocene "Avalon" channel and fan system and existing 2D seismic data indicates potential for a depth-conformant AVO anomaly. ........Read more >>


28 April 2016

Providence Resources/SOSINA and Schlumberger in cooperation have completed the analysis of the 3D seismic responses from the Druid and Drombeg prospects

The responses are consistent with the presence of two large vertically stacked stratigraphically oil accumulations showing total cumulative in-place un-risked prospective resources of c. 5.095 BBO (PMean).........Read more at the Providence Resources news release >>



Our Licences

Flare from the Hook Head well drilled in September 2007

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