SOSINA History


SOSINA Exploration Ltd. was established on the back of technical expertise obtained at its previous sister company Ødegaard A/S and UK affiliate Odegaard UK. The main milestones of SOSINA are shown below:


  • Established in Aberdeen and Copenhagen based on the business concept "Equity Stake in return for Technical Expertise".



  • Established London Office 2005.
  • Entry to Western Ireland, Frontier Exploration Licences (20% equity) Blocks 35/8,9 and Blocks 44/18, 23, 24, 29, 30.
  • UKCS 23rd Round - Blocks 211/18b and 211/8b (20% equity).


  • Farmout of Quad 44 W Ireland Frontier License to ExxonMobil.
  • AMI over South Porcupine Basin with ExxonMobil and Providence.


  • New Frontier Exploration Proposals submitted to PAD.


  • UKCS 24th Round - awarded one license Block 21/16b with Elixir Petroleum and DNO.
  • Farmout of UKCS Block 211/18b to RWE Dea.
  • Farmin to Celtic Sea Licences.
  • Drilling and oil discovery in the Celtic Sea.


  • Irish Licensing Round - SOSINA is awarded three Licences in the Porcupine Basin.
  • Celtic Sea drilling - hydrocarbon presence lower than expected.
  • ExxonMobil replaces Providence Resources as operator on Dunquin and is named operator of Drombeg. A 2D seismic acquisition over Drombeg is commenced.
  • Chrysaor farms into the North Porcupine Licences.


  • The Dunquin partners - among them SOSINA - commit to drilling a well.
  • Eni farms into Dunquin. 
  • The Spanish Point 3D seismic survey a warded, pursued and completed. 


  • The result of the Spanish Point 3D studies advance the discovery towards commercial development.
  • Nautical Petroleum farms into the Nemo oil discovery. 


  • The Spanish Point partners - among them SOSINA - commit to drilling a well.
  • 3D seismic survey completed for FEL 4/08. 
  • Repsol farms into Dunquin.
  • SOSINA awarded three new licencies in the 2011 Irish Atlantic Margin Round. 


  • Identification and study of the Drombeg Cretaceous anomaly.
  • Site survey operations at the Spanish point well site. 
  • Two changes of operatorships. New operators are Repsol at Newgrange and Chrysaor at Spanish Point.
  • Commencement of the Dunquin well activities. 


  • Drilling of the Dunquin North exploration well.
  • Cairn Energy farms-in and becomes operators of the Spanish point licence. 
  • The contract for drilling the Spanish Point appraisal well using the rig Blackford Dolphin signed.
  • ABT Oil & Gas farms into the Helvick and Dunmore discoveries. 


  • Conversion from LO to FEL for the Drombeg, Spanish Point South and Newgrange licencies offered to SOSINA.
  • Seismic surveys of the Drombeg, Spanish Point South and Newgrange licencies done.


  • New 3D seismic data confirm the presence of Druid.
  • New 3D seismic data indicate the presence of a significant Paleocene deep-water channelized system in the Spanish Point South (later named Ruadhan) area. 
  • New 2D seismic data confirm the presence of the large Cretaceous four-way dip closure on the Newgrange prospect.


  • Providence Resources/SOSINA and Schlumberger in cooperation completes the analysis of the 3D seismic responses from the Druid and Drombeg prospects.
  • The Avalon licence option (LO) is offered to SOSINA/Providence Resources. 
  • Providence Resources/SOSINA and Schlumberger in cooperation discloses that the Newgrange prospect comprises a prospective resource potential of c. 13.6 TSCF GIIP or c. 9.2 BBO STOIIP.