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2007 News

1st February 2007

UKCS Block 21/16b awarded to SOSINA, Elixir, and DNO
SOSINA Exploration and its bidding partners, DNO and Elixir, have been offered a Promote license over the Central North Sea Block 21/16b
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1st June 2007

RWE Dea UK farms in to Leopard (North Sea Block 211/18b)
SOSINA and Elixir (operator) welcome RWE into the licence and look forward to drilling our high potential Leopard prospect. The results of the most recent technical work on Leopard have been extremely positive. This gives SOSINA and Elixir added confidence of attracting another farminee and proceeding with detailed planning of the exploration well
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1 July 2007

SOSINA changes office address in Aberdeen
The 1st of July SOSINA changed office address in Aberdeen. The second office will enable SOSINA more direct access to the UK oil industry. One of the advantages is the better opportunities for recruitment of experienced geologists, geophysicists, and engineers. The new recruited Senior Geophysicist Angela Spence will start working at the new address.
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5 July 2007

First farm out deal agreed on Spanish Point
SOSINA and its partner Providence Resources (operator) welcome their first farm out deal with Challenger Minerals Ltd. on their Spanish Point Project. Challenger will take a 10% interest leaving SOSINA and Providence with 18% and 72% stakes respectively.
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13th August 2007

SOSINA farms in to Hook Head, Helvick, Ardmore, Dunmore, and Blackrock (Celtic Sea License 2/07 & 3/07)
Farm-out Agreement with SOSINA and Delivery of Petrolia Rig for Hook Head Drilling.
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10 September 2007

Significant hydrocarbons in the Hook Head appraisal well
SOSINA and its partners have encountered significant hydrocarbons in the Hook Head appraisal well. The well flow testing programme will commence soon.
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13 September 2007

A new Licensing Option 07/1 adjacent to the Hook Head discovery in the Celtic Sea has been awarded
This new Licensing Option is situated in an area immediately adjacent to Hook Head (held under SEL 2/07), where the successfully drilled 50/11-3 appraisal well currently is being tested. The Option has a term of one year and covers an area of some 375 square kilometres. The area contains a number of significant mapped leads and prospects at a similar level to those, which are hydrocarbon-bearing in the Hook Head Structure.
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10 October 2007

Hook Head now confirmed as a significant oil discovery

The Hook head well is now being suspended after good quality oil has been recovered from the target reservoir zones. The Hook Head partners have committed to an immediate and detailed evaluation of the well results in the context of operations as well as reservoir data with a view to further appraisal/ development drilling at Hook Head early in the 2008 drilling season.

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