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2017 News


24 October 2017

Ministerial approval of TOTAL farm-in in Avalon (FEL 16/27)


TOTAL will take a 50% working interest and Operatorship.   ........Read more >>

13 September 2017

The lower cretaceous Drombeg reservoir interval encountered within the pre-drill depth prognosis


Preliminary log interpretation has indicated the presence of a porous water bearing reservoir interval, and following a comprehensive data aquisition programme the well is being plugged and abandoned as per programme.    ........Read more >>

7 August 2017

The paleocene Druid reservoir interval was encountered within the pre-drill depth prognosis


Preliminary interpretation, however, indicates Druid to comprise a porous water bearing reservoir interval

........

18 July 2017

Petroleum systems modelling highlights a significant Avalon exploration play


Potential access to a total hydrocarbon resource charge of c. 8.67 BBO and c. 21.43 TSCF (equivalent to c. 12 BBOE)  

........

13 July 2017

Drilling operations on the 53/6-A exploration well have commenced


The Stena "IceMAX" deep-water drillship is contracted to drill the 53/6-A well  

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9 June 2017

TOTAL signs farm-in agreement for LO 19/27 securing a 50% working interest and operatorship against carry for operational costs and contingent promoted carry for the first exploration well


Cairn signs option agreement for LO 19/27 securing an option over 20% working interest 

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9 June 2017

SOSINA and Providence Resources grants TOTAL an exclusive option over FEL 2/14


The option comprises the right for TOTAL to farm-in to a 35% interest against a phased payment of 27 million USD 

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7 April 2017

3D seismic data acquisition on Dunquin South is expected soon to commence


The seismic vessel CGG Oceanic Caspian will for SOSINA and our partners conduct the acquisition programme.

........

14 March 2017

Cairn farms-in at Druid & Drombeg (FEL 2/14)

Cairn secures a 30% working interest. The SOSINA part changes from 20% to 14%.

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SOSINA Exploration Ltd. is an independent oil and gas exploration company. The Company was founded in 2004, but with roots back as a sister company to the company Odegaard Ltd. acquired in 2006 by Schlumberger Inc.

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